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G-ISBEM reduces the time and effort to undertake energy performance surveys of commercial buildings and to generate the EPC and Part L compliance report. In particular Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) using the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) at levels 3 and 4 for non-dwellings are supported. G-ISBEM maintains approval from CLG (Communities and Local Government) used by accredited Commercial Energy Assessors (CEA).

Why Choose G-ISBEM?
G-ISBEM is a graphical extension to iSBEM. Assessors continue to use iSBEM for ratings & lodgement. Click on these videos to take a 1st look:

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Reduced time and effort. G-ISBEM is a graphical tool which dramatically reduces the time and effort to capture information for an SBEM analysis. By rapid creation of the floor plan and rapid designation of constructions and zones, the time consuming keying of zone geometry and envelope data into iSBEM (or equivalent software) is eliminated. Areas are now calculated automatically and captured in the project’s .nct file.

Designed for on site use. G-ISBEM makes the capture of a floor plan while on site easy by direct entry onto a Tablet PC screen or laptop. The CEA observes the shape of physical space in which he/she is standing and draws this freehand onto the screen. Dimensions are then entered from either laser measuring device or tape measure.

Easy capture of all zone specific data required by SBEM. If the customer has provided floor plans, then the overall floor plan outline can be rapidly drawn freehand and dimensioned. The CEA partitions the floor outline into the various physical spaces. Easy to use tools are provided for designating these partitions. Each partition can be annotated with its SBEM construction.

Each physical space becomes a zone and is given an SBEM activity, along with its SBEM HVAC, HWS and Lighting particulars. A zone’s envelopes are automatically created and named. The same easy-to-use partitioning tools can be used for defining additional zones with virtual boundaries, for instance a daylight zone. By setting a compass all zone envelopes are automatically tagged with their correct orientation.

Works with iSBEM as one integrated application. G-ISBEM is the clear choice for CEAs who have already been trained in iSBEM or wish to take advantage of this free to use government software. G-ISBEM has been designed to work with iSBEM as one integrated high productivity application. However, G-ISBEM works with any SBEM system which can take its input from the standard .nct or .inp file used by these systems.

Overcomes limitations of iSBEM without the cost of a full replacement. By using G-ISBEM as the graphical front end, all the difficulties of using iSBEM on its own are overcome. The completeness of the geometry and the zoning can readily be reviewed by observation of the floor plan for each level in the building; this is more difficult when using just iSBEM on its own.

With G-ISBEM the zone listing is always well formatted: each zone is given a name which includes the name of the physical space to which it belongs, so it is much easier to understand where a zone belongs. When using just iSBEM late additions of zones and envelopes get tacked on, making review and audit difficult.

Auditing an iSBEM project also becomes much easier in other ways: the graphical presentation shows correctly how each zone envelope is related to the physical spaces. Both the floor plan and iSBEM project are held electronically and can be emailed to the auditor.

Lower cost to train and familiarise. A CEA can familiarise him/herself without a formal training course, thereby minimising the cost to the CEA. Training is available on request. It is charged per hour and delivered over the internet, thereby again minimising the cost.

When to make a start with G-ISBEM?

The earlier you make a start with G-ISBEM the better. There is no cost involved until you wish to gain a certificate of competence or use the software for real projects as an accredited CEA. You can engage with G-ISBEM without knowing any detail of the SBEM process or having a full understanding of building constructions, HVACs etc. G-ISBEM will assist your training and familiarise you with the flow of a project even before you have begun your diploma or APEL training.

About the Company

G-ISBEM is a software solutions company which specialises in survey applications requiring data capture of building geometry, floor plans and associated data. We offer great usability and ease of learning without requiring prior CAD expertise. Our applications are designed for both mobile use on-site and in an office environment. A high level of guidance is built into the product to enable the user to self train and grasp fundamentals of energy performance surveying.

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